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we are the champions!!!


The reason for all caps is because I am a Wolverine!.  After the game, my damies and I crashed every bar that we drove by and took a pic with any wolverine that was in the house.

Now I am working on recovering. I should be back @ 100% tomorrow.



Black Friday

Today is Friday.

The day that all the greedy fools go running to the store kicking and stepping on another greedy fools feet just to get a sale price that will probably be there on Sunday.

When you go and tent in front of a store in the freezing cold just to be shoved on and disrespected, that’s insane. It takes a certain type of person to want to do this.

When you go and find out that once you get to that certain area, the item that you are looking for is not even there now because you where the fool with the tent in the cold, the second one in the door, and you fell on the floor. Now everyone is walking all over you and think that you are the carpet.

This is my question:

Because of the violence, is this the reason that it is called ”  BLACK ” ?


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Thanksgiving = sharing

This Thanksgiving I like to give thanks for being able to be alive to cook another magnificent meal.  And before I go any further,  a quick prayer for those that are not here with us or those who did not make it to see this day.

On this thanksgiving day I would also like to say another prayer for those that are less fortunate than all of us that write on WordPress.

I hope that everyone from rich to poor to homeless is eating some sort of meal today. And even if you forget to say a prayer before you eat, it’s o.k he understands.

Some people find the holidays hard because of lost loved ones. The solution to that is: say a little prayer and add them to it, you should be heard and they…. not forgotten.

Today is a day for sharing, giving, blessings and thankfulness. Try to make all 365 that way.



thoughts for the day:

Good-morning, Good-morning,
Another Monday, another dollar.

I had to get up early this morning because I had some business to take care of.  Now it’s 10:32 am and I’m back home already.
Today should be interesting when larry comes home because I don’t know if he will be in a good or bad mood when he gets here. His attitude changes me for a split second, then I have to get myself back on track …..Wu sa…..wu saaa. (take a few deep breaths and exhale) Put yourself back in the optimist category I tell myself.

This morning the sheriff has stopped someone driving through our housing division,

with the result of having to tow the vehicle away.  The tow truck is gone, the sheriff is gone, leaving these two people just standing on the sidewalk wondering what to do next.

The car can’t be stolen. If it was he would have taken them with him.  So it must be no licence or no insurance. Why didn’t he give them a ride away from here?

Mr. Scrooge has arrived and he didn’t speak so he must be in a bad mood. Good thing this house has an extra living quarters in the basement.
I think I better cut this blog short and leave the house for a couple of hours and go turkey shopping. Thanksgiving is a hop, skip and a jump away.

Ole Bob

for the last few days I have stopped in a few drinking spots to have a glass of wine. Each and every time I step in…. there is Ole Bob. He sits on the corner drinking a scotch and a Stroh’s. I speak to him, pull out the bar stool,  sit down and before you know it ole bob is asking me if I want to burn one.

Well, I finally burnt one with ole bob and it was fire.

I saw him yesterday at the same spot, sitting in the same chair with his scotch and Stroh’s. He says to me again, “let’s go burn one” I said Bob,  I can’t burn one with you anymore. its way to powerful. How about buying a nice lady such as myself a glass of wine instead.

He looks at me and says, “Never mind” I ask you to burn one not buy you a drink.

So I took out my credit card and brought myself a glass of wine.

He just sat there staring at the side of my face.


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writers block

The key to writers block is when you get it, STOP!!

let a month or so go by and then come back.  That way you will have something to write about.


Let me tell you about a dream that I had.

In my dream yesterday, I was in this room with my mate. We were talking about something, I don’t remember what it was because it’s a dream. Anyway we began to walk up the walkway and ended up outside.

As we looked to the right of us, there was a mass of water rushing toward us. I can remember how dirty this water was and how fast it was coming. we were beginning to get swept away but I managed to swim to a ledge and hold on to it. he did the same.

We was able to get to safety, when another rush or water came at us even harder than before.

I could no longer see my mate, I could only hear him let out a cry. As I looked ahead the ledge was now gone with nothing to hold onto. I recall going under then back up and the fact that I knew it was a dream, I woke myself up only to find out that I was still in a dream.


I was dreaming, of myself dreaming that I was about to drown in some dirty, muddy water that came from out of no where. I don’t recall us being near a lake or a river. for some odd reason the water just showed up with the purpose of drowning us.

To me this was a premonition of what was about to happen when I woke up to face reality.

I was sent some information that I was not expecting and when he got home, the shit hit the fan.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

it’s cloudy, with a 40% chance of precipitation

Yesterday, the first part of my morning was not so good.  My mate and I debated with each other which was a waste of time because the situation was not solved.

By 4pm I left the house and didn’t return home until 2am this morning.

Today……… its gloomy here in Ohio with no debating and a 40% chance of precipitation. But I won’t let that bother me the sun is out there somewhere.

You know, for the first time I noticed that the year coming is 2012. It amazes me to be able to see those numbers. Who would have thunk it. Who would have thunk that while growing up I would see the year 2011. I can recall them saying that the world was going to end in 1976.

I guess not because here I am.( I believe that the precipitation has dropped down to 30% now)

I don’t think that none of us will ever see the world come to an end.  I believe that it comes to an end when you pass away. and that’s all I have to say about that.

It looks as if it’s not going to rain so I better get out and enjoy the rest of the day.

” have a good evening WordPress “

it’s time to turn off the lights!!!!

The process must began, starting today.

what would we do without photography?

Once or twice a year I go on vacation. For me it’s normally in Oct/Nov. or February when it’s getting cold or already cold.

This time it was on Halloween. The weather was not to bad but chilly.  In Punta Cana it was great each and everyday. Now here I am back home in Ohio and the air is chilly again.

The question for me is:  Why  is it that when you come back from a great place like that and it’s cold you tend to forget how beautiful it was? The only way for you to retain that memory is if you have proof that you were there.

Without photography the memory would be lost and the feeling as well. If  I had the time I would go back, but the downside of that is, there is 3 hours of travel time between Atlanta and Dominican.

Speaking of which… you know that when I got back to the states that the people on the road was driving like fools. Either they were all drunk, or I was just tripping.  I was blowing the horn all damn day.

I was safer in the sky!!

Anyway,  without my handy-dandy camera’s  there would be no memories or proof

that I was ever there.

that’s why I love photography.

” What would I do without it ? “

photo taken by: Blaqueberri~