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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there and all the fathers that are acting as both mother and father.

My mother’s day was shot this morning around 7:45am when my hubby woke up because he had to go finish a carpet job that he started yesterday.. He walked into the livingroom and stood in front of the floor model television with his head hanging down. When I got out of bed and walked up the hallway stopping at the edge of the livingroom and getting ready to say good-morning to him, this is how he was standing. Any way, he turned to me and lashed out at me saying,

” WHAT?, why you standing there looking at me?.

I stood there for a minute, took a deep breath and went counter clock-wise. I didn’t understand why he lashed out like that. Now I have made the choice to spend the rest of the day without him.

I’m sure that I can make the remaining of this day better for myself.

 After all it’s only mother’s day.
No one ever said that it was going

to be a perfect day for me.



Park Inn

Today I had to travel to Toledo for some job training. 

 I went to CMH to pick up the car that I had selected  and  when I got there  it wasn’t there so I had to settle for another type . I end up getting an Altima because I thought about the gas prices. I started on a full tank and After driving 2.5 hours, I only used a quarter tank.

Any how, when I arrived here the guys at the front desk were pretty nice. They gave me the keys to my room which was on the 15th floor.  I got to the 15th floor walked down the hall and to my room, just to open the door and the room was not clean. I called the front desk and told the guys that my first impression was to give this hotel an A because of the service that I received when I got here. But now I have to give you a B because the room is not clean.
The guy at the front desk said OMG, are you serious?

“Yes, I am”.

He hung up the phone and was up the elevator in no time. He then proceeded to check on other rooms and found out that none of the rooms on that floor was clean, or shall I say that they were all half done.

At any rate they moved me to another floor that was much larger than the first unclean room, offered me free dinner and breakfast and paid for my underground parking. You have to pay to park in this hotel. I guess because it is downtown.

I liked the fact that they tried to make-up for the mistake of housekeeping and they apologized  over and over. 

 I told the front desk guy ” hey, you don’t have to keep apologizing , I’m not that hard to please. not today anyway.

Over all it was a good visit . If I had to I’d  come back.

Niacin aka Vitamin B

Today I took a 100% niacin pill, 250 mg. In about 10 seconds my face began to feel flush. The fact that I have darker skin, I did not turn red, but I could feel a burning sensation that started on my cheeks. It then covered my whole entire face to my ears. It extended down my neck covering my arms and my torso. I could not feel the sensation in my abdomen area, but could feel it on my back and my legs.

The next sensation that came with it was itching and claming of the skin. It was horrible. These feeling I might add lasted for 1/2 hour.

I was not expecting this when I took the dose. I was expecting it to be as normal as any other pill that I have taken. I later found out through the internet, that if I take 300 mg of aspirin 1/2 hour before you take it that it would eliminate the flushing of the skin and all the pain that comes with it.

Pure niacin is harsh, no joke, and is a pain in the ass to take.


It’s been a while wp since I have been on-line.  There has been a lot happening in my life but not much to blog about.

In a matter of months the Hollywood Casino will be up and running here in the CO.

 I myself have an interest in becoming a card dealer, so I applied yesterday and I hope to hear from them soon.

If I shall get the position as a card dealer, I will have something to blog about for a long, long time. Until then….. I have nothing for you except whatever life throws at me and it’s been throwing me a bunch of bull shit.

Outside of that it’s great to still be alive.

What’s the best way to cure a cold?

This post is based on a suggestion from WordPress.

My response to the above question is…. You can’t cure a cold. duhhhh!   And if you have a longer paragraph than this one then you made something up.

There is no cure.

WordPress via android

This is a new experience.for me. This is my first post via android. Now  i can post throughout the day without being in front of my laptop.

Oh what a joy.

I have read some reviews that stated that the WordPress app don’t work on their phone, well it worked on mine and that makes me happy.

Any how… excuse the periods throughout the post, the keypad is small. I’ll do better the next time.


one thousand-3 hits !!!


I like to thank all of you here at wordpress for hitting me up___ 1,003.

Thank you very much!


I would really like to know why my avatar is not showing up whenever I leave a comment?

Directions were followed and still nothing.

What in the world (hell) is going on?

                                 this is all I get.


For the last several years I have lived in downtown Columbus. As of last october, I moved into the city.

When you live downtown you don’t get the chance to sit back and relax in the summer time like you can do living further in town because there are no yards.

Downtown is strictly buildings with lots of people walking around. If you want to get the feel of summer, you have to go to a relative or friend house in the city.

The other day I was bored, so I called my buddy Rod and told him that I need to get out the house and go have a beer. As you should know by now I have one foot the other one is recovering from surgery.

Rod lives up the street from me so he jumped in his ride and picked me up because I could not drive.

When we pulled up there were lots of people  and they were playing ” Bones’.

Just in case you are not familiar, “Domino’s”.

There were a few domino tables set up underneath the tree’s in front of his house.

As I approached the yard, everyone was laughing, talking and drinking old Milwaukee Ice just having a good time. You know how black folk do it.

As I looked around, this old guy pulled out a few blunts and started passing them around.

I said to myself..”damn!”, this is like a parliament funkadelic concert.

When the blunt got to me I passed it on to someone else, but I did take the beer that I was offered. That was the reason that I told him to pick me up.

After watching for a half hour, the mosquito’s began to bite. That was not good at all.

He was having a domino party underneath the tree’s with no citronella candles. What kind of shit is that!!

Since we were in a pretty decent neighborhood, every now and then a few ladies would walk up the street and the boys would stop playing and girl watch for a split second and then go back to the bones.

I always have my camera so I volunteered to take pictures just in case they wanted to post them on Facebook.

Over all it was a beautiful day. Everyone was chill’in and having a good time. I got my beer and was able to meet a few new people.

I haven’t enjoyed a summer day like that in a long time.