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is it spring or not?

I’m so tired of the fuk….

freaking snow,

then sun,

then rain,

back to snow.

Get it over with already !!!!


no mistletoe this year.

while everyone else is excited about christmas 

and putting up decorations, I am not. I just happen to be in that boat where I made a request for a divorce

 so christmas won’t be the same this year. There will be no exchanges.

Now, I will still go shopping for my grandkids.

Their gifts will be wrapped but they won’t be

 underneath the tree because I am not putting one up.

I don’t think that it will matter to them anyway all they

want are the gifts and the video games because they don’t

play with toys anymore. I thank the mom and dad for that.

They tend to be smarter than most kids that I know therefore

toys bore them.

I’m not really sure if they believe in christmas because of the


All they pay attention to is the time of the year and

recognize that when the christmas lights are up… it’s gift time.


For anyone that is in the same boat that I am in, hang in there

it’s going to get better if you don’t drag it out.

 And never think that you can’t make it without them

 because you can.

I was top-notch when I met him and will be top-notch after the


If you don’t fit in that top-notch category, then you still can do it

without that person.



Black Friday

Today is Friday.

The day that all the greedy fools go running to the store kicking and stepping on another greedy fools feet just to get a sale price that will probably be there on Sunday.

When you go and tent in front of a store in the freezing cold just to be shoved on and disrespected, that’s insane. It takes a certain type of person to want to do this.

When you go and find out that once you get to that certain area, the item that you are looking for is not even there now because you where the fool with the tent in the cold, the second one in the door, and you fell on the floor. Now everyone is walking all over you and think that you are the carpet.

This is my question:

Because of the violence, is this the reason that it is called ”  BLACK ” ?


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writers block

The key to writers block is when you get it, STOP!!

let a month or so go by and then come back.  That way you will have something to write about.

what would we do without photography?

Once or twice a year I go on vacation. For me it’s normally in Oct/Nov. or February when it’s getting cold or already cold.

This time it was on Halloween. The weather was not to bad but chilly.  In Punta Cana it was great each and everyday. Now here I am back home in Ohio and the air is chilly again.

The question for me is:  Why  is it that when you come back from a great place like that and it’s cold you tend to forget how beautiful it was? The only way for you to retain that memory is if you have proof that you were there.

Without photography the memory would be lost and the feeling as well. If  I had the time I would go back, but the downside of that is, there is 3 hours of travel time between Atlanta and Dominican.

Speaking of which… you know that when I got back to the states that the people on the road was driving like fools. Either they were all drunk, or I was just tripping.  I was blowing the horn all damn day.

I was safer in the sky!!

Anyway,  without my handy-dandy camera’s  there would be no memories or proof

that I was ever there.

that’s why I love photography.

” What would I do without it ? “

photo taken by: Blaqueberri~


always give 110% that way if you fall short you gave 100%

I found a THEME !!!!!

I believe that I have found a theme for Spontaneous writings.

This search has been going on for months and months. All of the themes appear to be mostly the same ole thing.

This one has more color options and a background that you can really see.(that’s if you resize your photo)

The page can be both dark and light. As you should know by now that I like dark pages. but I found out that most people like to read lighter pages.

I will bend this one time and keep this one light. The other 3 blog post that I have are all dark and I plan on keeping it that way.

Any who,

I like this one and I am glad that I have found it.



The weirdest thing just happened to me….

I was on my Facebook page, when all of a sudden, all these ads start popping up on my page.

None stop.

On the right sidebar, on the left sidebar, in the footer and throughout the page.

Thinking that someone had went phishing on my FB page, I changed my password and everything else I could think of.

Even after doing the password change, the ads still continued to show.

Then I remembered yesterday when I was uninstalling some unnecessary downloads, I notice that there was one that I did not recognize.

It was call..”FACETHEME”. Yes, Facebook had without my permission downloaded this onto my computer.

Facetheme allows you to put a theme behind your Facebook page.

I figure that this download that I did not put there had prompted all the ads because Facebook is based on ads as well as finding family and friends.


after remembering that, I went back to my Facebook page and the ads were still all over the place. I mean they were intimidating and I let no one intimidate me.

I clicked on an ad, AT&T.

At the bottom of it, it had stated that it got into my cookies and saw some of the places that I go when I am on the web (obviously at&t was one of them) I said to myself, “those fukin cookies”.

Then I went back into my control panel and relocated the download that Facebook put on my computer without my permission and removed it. Now in the past 25 minutes there have been no ads showing up.

You know…… malicious software can be downloaded onto your computer without you knowing it thus infecting your computer.

So Facebook can do it too.

I didn’t even know that you can put a theme behind your Facebook page. I mean, ASK ME FIRST!!!!.

“I just looked and there are still no ads since I uninstalled the facetheme from my computer.”

This should not be allowed to happen. You should always ask permission!!!


know your value

When you know your value,

you don’t have to beg people to like you, to be your mate, to spend time with you or to love you.

Be confident in who you are.

Everyone can’t afford the LUXURY of your friendship.

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This has got to be a sign of something……

I took this photo when I went to the Domino party last week.

The story behind this is….

The mosquitoes were biting hard underneath the tree’s that day, so we had to find a solution to the problem.

Now, this old school kat decided to burn the plastic that held the six-pack of beer together with a piece of paper.

As it was burning I took a photo of it and this was the results.

Now to me it looks like:

the moon, a cross/star and a  shooting star. When I was shooting it, it just looked like fire.

take a moment to look at it………………

Then if you look to the right where all the smoke is flowing, it looks like a monkey.

No, I’m not tripping. I’m sure you see it too.