Monthly Archives: August 2011

WordPress via android

This is a new experience.for me. This is my first post via android. Now  i can post throughout the day without being in front of my laptop.

Oh what a joy.

I have read some reviews that stated that the WordPress app don’t work on their phone, well it worked on mine and that makes me happy.

Any how… excuse the periods throughout the post, the keypad is small. I’ll do better the next time.


when you wish upon a star…..

It’s august the 19th, I wish that I can back it up to june the 6th 2010 and start it all over again.


I can’t wait until the end of the summer so that I can tell you all about it.

It has been a very good summer indeed and very exciting.

Twelve days

For the last twelve days I have had guest in the house. A mother and 5 children. Between the ages of 8 months and 9 years. I call myself trying to help others out whenever I can. So this time I was kind enough to say yes, I will help.

Well, as of today I have given her until this weekend to get with her associates so that they can move on.

I have no children and the noise and commotion from them is out of this world. 3 weeks is long enough it’s time for them to go. If there was some kind of discipline it would be ok but no discipline in this case, so they have to go.

I work to hard for the things in my home and plan on keeping it all.

I tried but it didn’t work.


I’m having these very weird and odd thoughts.

thoughts 2

Yesterday was a day of almost hell.

About 30 minutes till six, a little bit of hell broke loose.

And it caused me to open up my eyes.


These grey eyes can finally see.



Today was a marvelous day for me.

It was very relaxing and comfortable.

I mostly feel good because I booked my Punta Cana trip today for a little r & r in october.

This is why I am sporting the island look because I can’t wait.

I really don’t have much to talk about because I am trying to spend all the time that I can out doors instead of in the house blogging before the weather changes again. You know how Ohio is.

The fact that we have all four seasons, you have to take advantage of the summer months because before you know it, it’s cold again.

Well, I don’t want to bore you. Let me go back onto the deck and continue to enjoy the rest of my day.