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no mistletoe this year.

while everyone else is excited about christmas 

and putting up decorations, I am not. I just happen to be in that boat where I made a request for a divorce

 so christmas won’t be the same this year. There will be no exchanges.

Now, I will still go shopping for my grandkids.

Their gifts will be wrapped but they won’t be

 underneath the tree because I am not putting one up.

I don’t think that it will matter to them anyway all they

want are the gifts and the video games because they don’t

play with toys anymore. I thank the mom and dad for that.

They tend to be smarter than most kids that I know therefore

toys bore them.

I’m not really sure if they believe in christmas because of the


All they pay attention to is the time of the year and

recognize that when the christmas lights are up… it’s gift time.


For anyone that is in the same boat that I am in, hang in there

it’s going to get better if you don’t drag it out.

 And never think that you can’t make it without them

 because you can.

I was top-notch when I met him and will be top-notch after the


If you don’t fit in that top-notch category, then you still can do it

without that person.



Post Christmas

Christmas came in and out with a bang.

At 1:45 my daughter had my new grand baby at home on the couch christmas morning.

at 8:00 am the rest of the kids came over, every one was ready to open up their gifts but I told them that no one eats until after breakfast.

So everyone pitched in to cook.

We all set around the tree as Alexis my eldest grand-daughter passed out the gifts. The Temptation CD was playing and christmas movies were playing on all the tv’s in the house.

  On the projection tv I had this 42 game console that is similar to WII that cost me $11.00 dollars. Everyone was trying to play it but there was only two controllers.

Alexis received an iPod and was trying to download music from limewire and was having a hard time doing so because they are under court order.

The other kids were in the guest bedroom jumping up and down on the bed, I had to get into their ass’ for a minute and then they settled down.

I got my parents a 32 inch hdtv. So we all jumped into our cars and took them their gifts.

This would be their first modern television in the 74 years they’ve been on this planet.

so mother has another first to write in her book along with the first black president.

she said to me,” I would have never believed it”, being that I was  born in the deep south,(Mississippi)

a Black President!!

There is a God and the reason for this season.

Over all the whole day went great.

The house was filled with joy and family everywhere.

It was a very blessed day!!


It’s hump day…

Aaaaah! here it is hump day, with still a lot of running to do.

I need to get a few groceries or shall I say he can pick them up. I don’t food shop, I shop for clothes.

I will be having christmas breakfast and dinner this year, being that i am a good host.

 Of course, as a woman I need to get my hair and nails done, I want to be looking good for family and friends.

I’m thinking about going to JCpenny to get me something nice to sleep in on the eve of christmas. then I have two more gifts I need to pick up and a new christmas cd to listen to this year. To be honest with you they all have begun to sound the same to me especially the jazz ones.

I particularly like the blues christmas cd’s. They are real fun to listen to.

any who,

time to get dressed and get the rest of this day on the road.


Christmas is nigh

I thought that I could be done shopping by the 1oth,

 instead it will be today….the 15th.

I have one more gift and a few odds and ends to buy.

I found out that Walgreen have great gifts at unbelievable prices.

Deals have good prices on gift boxes and candies.

I haven’t found a store yet with good prices on candles and Loews have the deals on Poinsettia’s.

I’m about to change the subject here…I was trying to find a picture of a black santa and it took me every bit of a half hour to find this one.

in this country are we still acting as if there are no black people?

when I was growing up my mother and father was present. so when santa came on christmas day he was black.

As a kid I never believed that a white santa worked hard at the north pole to deliver the toys that I received on christmas day.

To sum this up…

This is the world wide web folks, so it’s hard for me to believe that when I search for black santa figurines there are very few to none as well as a simple photo.

Very,very disappointing.

any how, I found this one to be as close to black as possible and he is beautiful.


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tis the season…

I love this time of the year.

Most people have good attitudes at this time of the year.

To bad it can’t be christmas 365.

I am a decorator,well I like to think that I am.

To me a decorated house keeps the spirit alive and I love to make the house look good for family and friends.

So far this is what the diningroom is looking like.

 First I like to fill the house with Poinsettias. That will be my mission for today because Poinsettias do go fast at the stores.

The next project is to put up the tree. This year I will be putting up the Lionel train that I have inherited. it’s a 50-year-old train that is in mint condition. all I need to do is purchase some more tracks.

The grandkids will probably love to see that and so would I.

Thirdly, I love candles. gotta get some of them.


Don’t forget to decorate!!


OMG!! not yet, not yet !!

I was in a store yesterday that was playing christmas music. I told the cashier to tell her boss that it’s bad luck to play that kind of music before Thanksgiving.


 i had to leave. I love christmas and it’s music but not on november the 20th.