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what would we do without photography?

Once or twice a year I go on vacation. For me it’s normally in Oct/Nov. or February when it’s getting cold or already cold.

This time it was on Halloween. The weather was not to bad but chilly.  In Punta Cana it was great each and everyday. Now here I am back home in Ohio and the air is chilly again.

The question for me is:  Why  is it that when you come back from a great place like that and it’s cold you tend to forget how beautiful it was? The only way for you to retain that memory is if you have proof that you were there.

Without photography the memory would be lost and the feeling as well. If  I had the time I would go back, but the downside of that is, there is 3 hours of travel time between Atlanta and Dominican.

Speaking of which… you know that when I got back to the states that the people on the road was driving like fools. Either they were all drunk, or I was just tripping.  I was blowing the horn all damn day.

I was safer in the sky!!

Anyway,  without my handy-dandy camera’s  there would be no memories or proof

that I was ever there.

that’s why I love photography.

” What would I do without it ? “

photo taken by: Blaqueberri~


This has got to be a sign of something……

I took this photo when I went to the Domino party last week.

The story behind this is….

The mosquitoes were biting hard underneath the tree’s that day, so we had to find a solution to the problem.

Now, this old school kat decided to burn the plastic that held the six-pack of beer together with a piece of paper.

As it was burning I took a photo of it and this was the results.

Now to me it looks like:

the moon, a cross/star and a  shooting star. When I was shooting it, it just looked like fire.

take a moment to look at it………………

Then if you look to the right where all the smoke is flowing, it looks like a monkey.

No, I’m not tripping. I’m sure you see it too.

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My iphone

Sometimes you just need to get out and enjoy the fresh, crisp, cold air that winter has to offer.

So this morning at 10:30am I left the house heading for the park..

It was time to clear my mind, so I walked around the park. I would say a good 3 miles. My total time there was about 3 hours. 

And No!, it did n’t take me three hours to do 3 miles. The combination of the walk and taking pictures took that much time.

 I left my Nikon cool pix 35mm at home so I used my iPhone to capture these photos.


winter photos

I captured these photos last December.

One winter morning I woke up early. I pulled the blinds open and to my surprise..

there was snow every where. The only thing I could think about was how beautiful it was and  the fact that I had the opportunity to capture the park before anyone else got there.When I arrived there no one had really walked in the park. it was fresh snow. No foot prints.

I did notice another photographer taking photos as well.

I found my way on the other side of the park where I had found these logs stacked on top of each other.


This bridge has been in Franklin park since I was in middle school. I believe I have captured it well.

Bridge over troubled waters.

I like the colours in this pictures.

below is a few more that I took…..