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I’ve been a busy little bee….

Recently Facebook and twitter have been occupying my time. So I have not had the time to post on WordPress.

I am also still trying to pamper this foot back to health and trying to regain strength so that I can start the right foot.

Theeeenn, there is the holiday weekend. I have to host a BBQ at my house.

I have been getting the yard together, replacing the mulch in the front and the back yard, need more solar lights and citronella candles etc., etc.

As a matter of fact I need to go, I need to pick up a tint with a mosquito net.



writers block………


Yesterday was the 2nd year of Michael Jackson’s death.

Here in Columbus, the radio station 98.9fm paid him a tribute and they call it:

Michael 98.9

All day long 98.9 played his music none stop without any interruptions.

They even played songs that I never even heard before.

I had family and friends over yesterday because on that same day 2 years

ago, my daughter had her first daughter.

So we all celebrated Amiya’s 2nd birthday and sang to Michael’s music.

Of course when thriller came on, everyone jumped up and became a zombie.

We had a good ole time.

One of my favorite videos by MJ :

(link is below)


Michael 🙂

something new…….

Check out my new website.

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Good afternoon wordpress:

I’m sorry I have nothing to post.

To be honest with you, it’s not like I have a lot to do with this cast still on my foot.

All I’m doing is sitting here on my ass enjoying another beautiful day. ( that’s not so bad is it?)

I can always go outside and water the tomatoes and the peppers. Then after I do that I will be bored again.

A friend of mine just text me from Facebook via my iPhone, crying about the buckeyes.

I think maybe

I will send him a box

of puffs because I’m a


I can’t help him with that one.


I’m tired of typing.


Destination : Japanese Steak House

Today I marked another line through something on my bucket list.

For lunch I had my first experience at an japanese steak house.

It was called…

The experience that I had went very well.  The female server named Tracy was a delight and very prompt.

The knife man, whose name I did not know let alone understand, was excellent at cooking and his job.

The shrimp egg rolls were some of the best that I have ever tasted.

What did I order you ask? Let me tell you;

I had the filet mignon steak with genji’s fried rice.

saute mushrooms and  sprouts.

sautéed tiger shrimp

with yum-yum sauce and their idea of hot sauce ( which is hot as hell)  to use whenever I desired.

The hot sauce doesn’t burn like hot mustard does but believe me it was hot.

I had a wonderful time with the people that I was sitting with. A few people ordered food and decided that it was to much for them to eat and shared it with everyone else that was at that station. So I was able to taste the lobster tails as well.

Over all I have to say that it was delicious and I will be returning one day after I experience another one so that I can compare the two places.

It gets an A from me.

The temperature for today is….

                             Good morning all,

I am thankful to be able to wake up and see another day.

As a matter of fact another hot day.

The temperature for today is going to be 90 degrees but will feel hotter because of the humidity.

Do I care? No!

I don’t give a damn if it snows. Just as long as I am still alive.

Anyway, I wish to have a good day and hope you have one as well. 🙂

it feels like an eternity.

I have been hearing folks saying, OMG!! it’s June already.

It’s going way to fast for them,

but for me, the months are moving slow as hell.

When you are on crutches and in a cast, it seems like an eternity.

We all need balance

By now you know that I have had foot surgery.

My son and I were hanging out last night when he said to me, mom…

there are three of us that have the long 2nd toe.

Whatever tribe that we belong to, that longer toe allows us to run faster and jump higher because it gives us balance.

so why are you making it shorter? it’s a genetic thing.

I said son, you are right; and it may be our balance.

But so far look at where balance has gotten me.

I need to be further ahead.

It’s time to make a change!!