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my first mammagram

Today is my first mammogram.

I am slightly nervous because i don’t know what to expect. As i speak i have a migraine headache and blogging right now is not helping because the light from this laptop is too bright and my head is hurting like a son of a bitch. This is not a good day to have one.

i just hope that they don’t give me any bad news.


That won’t happen to me…

Last night between 12am an 5am Ohio had a temperature of 70-ish and winds that reached 102 mph in certain areas.

According to our weather meteorologist, who did a great job all morning keeping everyone posted, explained that if you should hear the tornado sirens go off, take cover immediately because this storm system was moving very fast.

Not knowing where the tornadoes were going to hit was the dangerous part and they were moving so fast that a tornado warning was posted and then canceled in less than 20 minutes time.

Winds in Columbus was blowing pretty hard at 2:30am but not hard enough to knock over trees in my area.

As crazy as this sounds, I heard the sirens and didn’t take shelter. I lied down on the coach and watched tv until I fell to sleep.

A lot of people this morning on tv reported that their home’s were torn apart and Crushed.

Roofs torn off, huge tree’s caved on top of houses.

Was it a wind storm or was it really a few tornadoes? Or both?

There has not been a touch down of a tornado in Columbus since I’ve been here and that’s all my life.

And so far it has not been proven that last night a tornado touched down either but there was a lot of damage as if it did.

Once again the house was spared and I should not take it for granted that it won’t ever get hit.

Sooooo, the fact that there is not a basement… I am now in the market for a house with a basement because you should never, ever say that it won’t happen to me.


(12 tornadoes did hit that day)


It’s 6am in the morning and I’m up listening to the birds sing when I should be in bed.


Anymore, it’s as if I have a brick wall that fortify me.

Around this wall is a Moat. Past the moat is dry land.

There is a bridged gate door that comes down from my wall that I let down every now and then to allow someone to come in.

If I lose my trust in you,  I toss you over my wall into the water.

Because when I lose my trust in you…..


“You’ve gotta go”.

tennis anyone?

I called myself watching tennis with Sharapova and Azarenka

on channel 10.

But it’s very hard to do so because the noise that they are making each time they return the ball is irritating and annoying.

If they were hyena’s,

this is what they would sound like if they were having sex.

It’s weird because the longer they rally, the heavier their breathing get.

like before you climax.

Imagine that.

No, don’t imagine that.