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Bringing in the new year

Gettin a head start on new years eve & some of my home cooking.

(remember, to eat before you drink)

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It’s your birthday, It’s your birthday !!


Happy Birthday

My birthday comes at the end of each year. Do you ever wonder if you will make it to your next birth date?

I have made it to mine and I am very blessed to still be here alive and well.

Will I celebrate this day?…I’m not sure, but for now at this time of the morning all I can do is blog about the start of it.

I’ll keep you posted.

The end of 2010 is near..

Over all 2010 was a good year until it reached June. After that everything went down hill. So I would have to say that the last 6 months have been a disaster.

With the goals that I am trying to achieve, I have 8 more months in this hell hole. I will try my best to be pleasant and happy and at the same time remain focused on the goal.

1 year I can do , but the rest of my life I can’t.

Everybody plays the fool sometimes, but don’t remain the fool.

I have chosen these chess pieces as my photo because 2011 will involve strategy, concentration and staying ahead of the game.

In 2011, I will be the gold piece. Taking control of the board and my life. I plan on not letting anything bother me in the new year.

Just when he thinks he have won the game, I will be hollering “CHECKMATE” end of story.

:) :) I like it, I like it !!

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I had to post this, I like it 🙂


Most people talk about setting new year resolutions…

what you really need to do is set goals.

1)my first goal is to relieve myself of this relationship. it is making me tired and wearing me out. it’s beginning to have no meaning.

2)my next goal is to fix my credit from good to great.

3)my third is to purchase a home since it appears to be easier to get one at this time.

~finding a good man will be put on hold. besides that will take some time. once i get out of this relationship, i will remain single for a while.

i am not a man basher and think that all men are alike because they are not.  And i have no plans of running to a female because there is nothing like a dick. finding a good man just have to be put on hold for a while.

4)fourth is making myself happy.

5)fifth is finding a good friend.

a good listener; one that understands what a woman has to go through to survive in this world. sometimes i just want to spill my guts out about shit. instead of someone hearing me…i need feedback.”talk to me”.

and i want this person to be a man.

6)…i need to pray more.

the thing is that i  don’t  call myself a christian because most christian think that they have God in their hearts and at the same time they are racist.

how can you mistreat people who are different from you and still call yourself a christian? you can’t.

God loves all races…anyway i need to pray more.

seventh goal…

Post Christmas

Christmas came in and out with a bang.

At 1:45 my daughter had my new grand baby at home on the couch christmas morning.

at 8:00 am the rest of the kids came over, every one was ready to open up their gifts but I told them that no one eats until after breakfast.

So everyone pitched in to cook.

We all set around the tree as Alexis my eldest grand-daughter passed out the gifts. The Temptation CD was playing and christmas movies were playing on all the tv’s in the house.

  On the projection tv I had this 42 game console that is similar to WII that cost me $11.00 dollars. Everyone was trying to play it but there was only two controllers.

Alexis received an iPod and was trying to download music from limewire and was having a hard time doing so because they are under court order.

The other kids were in the guest bedroom jumping up and down on the bed, I had to get into their ass’ for a minute and then they settled down.

I got my parents a 32 inch hdtv. So we all jumped into our cars and took them their gifts.

This would be their first modern television in the 74 years they’ve been on this planet.

so mother has another first to write in her book along with the first black president.

she said to me,” I would have never believed it”, being that I was  born in the deep south,(Mississippi)

a Black President!!

There is a God and the reason for this season.

Over all the whole day went great.

The house was filled with joy and family everywhere.

It was a very blessed day!!


WordPress ios

I just went to the app store and downloaded wordpress for my iPhone. Now if I wish to blog about something
while I am out and about I can. There r times when I need to express myself and the laptop is not available for use.

So yes this is a good thing

It’s hump day…

Aaaaah! here it is hump day, with still a lot of running to do.

I need to get a few groceries or shall I say he can pick them up. I don’t food shop, I shop for clothes.

I will be having christmas breakfast and dinner this year, being that i am a good host.

 Of course, as a woman I need to get my hair and nails done, I want to be looking good for family and friends.

I’m thinking about going to JCpenny to get me something nice to sleep in on the eve of christmas. then I have two more gifts I need to pick up and a new christmas cd to listen to this year. To be honest with you they all have begun to sound the same to me especially the jazz ones.

I particularly like the blues christmas cd’s. They are real fun to listen to.

any who,

time to get dressed and get the rest of this day on the road.


Negril Jamaica’s Sunet @ Rick’s Cafe

In just three days it will be christmas.

Just centuries/decades ago people celebrated and appreciated christmas for its true meaning.

Now, here we are in the future and everyone’s more concerned about black friday, the day after thanksgiving and the sales before and after christmas.

Maybe one day people will go back to the true meaning.
Oh well, so much for wishful thinking.