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Deep in thought 2..

Have you ever been so deep in thought that you are multitasking and not aware that you are doing it.

right now I am listening to my iPod,

typing a school report,

trying to blog,

watching television,

and thinking about my next move in a relationship that is totaling wasting my time.

Some people are still young. Some are in that middle age stage and others are getting older.

I am in that middle-aged staged and I am old enough to know that I don’t have that time to waste anymore.

It’s time to get it right. No more guessing, and no more bullshit.

I want out!!!

I personally deserve better, no ” The Best “.

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flu bug..

Good afternoon WordPress.

I was expecting to wakeup

feeling bad again,

but I feel pretty decent.

I say about 85%.

I am able to get up

and move around

a little bit more.


I have been hydrating myself 

with plenty of water.

Drinking hot tea with lemon & honey

and since the air is more dry in the winter,

I have had the humidifier on.

It seems to be working.


The old man is trying to be nice to me.

He even had the nerve to ask me to sleep

in the master bedroom,

but I told him that’s

not going to happen.

When you’re trying to break up or

separate from someone, 

you don’t give up the pu-nanny.


In the short amount of time that

I have been sitting here in front

of my laptop,

I’m starting to feel like 80%

so I better go make me a hot toddy.

That should make me feel better.


Enough about me

and my sickness.


“Have a good day”.

Thanks for the hits….

I have not been on-line blogging lately because I have influenza.

and I don’t believe that if you take the flu shot that you will not catch the flu, you can still catch it.


So, every now and then I do look to see if I have more hits.

And to my surprise… a few people have been hitting me up.

I’m sure that they are not all from WordPress, but for those of you that are on WordPress and you have hit me a few times.


Those that are not from wordpress…I’m glad that you found me and I hope that you keep coming back.


I will be replying to comments later.

Valentine who, Valentine what?

Today is the day that society calls ” Valentine’s Day”.

a day that society runs around looking for the best price on roses, or that box of heart-shaped chocolate.

The day that hall-mark cards get rich on because he has to find that perfect card that says, I love you!!.


What about that 2.5/3.0 karet diamond that he gave to you as an engagement ring or wedding band?

What about the food that is in your frig. or on the shelves so that you can eat everyday?

What about the mortgage that he pays for you to live in that house 365  days a year?

What about the security system that is on the house to protect you and your family from harm?

What about the things that we do everyday to show how much we care?


So tell me why do society….

(mainly women) make a big fuss if on valentine’s day they don’t get a rose or a box of chocolate? 

And why do the men always have to go out and spend all their money to show you that they care?


there are 4 different types of spoons,





If you are eating from a silver spoon, then you already have it all.

He’s already showed you that he loves you.

You say Happy Valentine’s Day, I say fuk Valentine he never did a thing for me.

I’m happy having a candle lite dinner with the food and wine that I already have and sitting on the couch watching the NBA’ on HD 10tv.

And the best thing about it, is that I never have to say those three words or spend extra money.

I already know that he cares, he shows it everyday.

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Day 4

I’m still hanging on to this cold and still waiting on my amoxicillin to arrive. According to tracking I should have it tomorrow.

The weatherman said that we are supposed to remain in the 40° all week.

There will probably be a few people out there in shorts and sandals. Others with their convertible tops down.

Yeah!! you know who you are.

Remember it’s still february and you can catch the H1N1. (don’t be a fool)

New Blog : Photography

check out my new blog:

I want you to see photography through my eyes.

XLV; the national anthem

Ok people,

to sing at the Superbowl is an honor and it’s not such an easy thing to do. (let me see you try doing it) 

You are there singing in front of thousands of people.

let’s not forget that there are those people that are not at the game but they are at home watching as well.

Christina is a beautiful female with a beautiful voice

and yes, we all saw that Christina Aguilera repeated a verse and made up a word. But to me, even if she had not made those mistakes…

that was one of the worst performances that I have ever heard.

#1 being Roseanne Barr.

But last night Christina…

It was

just not

your night!!

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11:32am ~ 2011/02/05

This post is about the weather.

Yeah I know, like you really want to hear about the weather. especially if you are from a warm climate.

Well, there is a reason that I am blogging about it so that you can wish that you were here 🙂


I’m here in Columbus Ohio, and the weather is sucking more and more.

We are now experiencing sleet.

Snow and rain combined.

The last 2 days it has been rain, then at night the temperature drops and everyone & their ma- mi’s are getting into car accidents.

In an earlier post I talked about how I was sliding on black ice and didn’t remember the rest of the way home.

So, I won’t be going out there in that shit.

Don’t you wish you were here?

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how’s the weather you ask?

 I stepped outside for a minute to get some fresh air because it’s hot in here. 

It felt like it was about 28°. There is a lot of snow still on the ground.

The rain is falling consistantly with puddles of water everywhere and the wind is blowing. 

No car movement at all.

I had to come back in the house fast because to me it’s cold.

There was a big branch that broke off the tree laying next to my truck. It’s covered with ice. I’m so glad it didn’t fall on top of it because i am not sure if my insurance covers the act of God.

Sooooo, here I am, it’s 4:00am, I’m still awake and blogging about the weather.

I could be doing something else like….. ahhh, Sleeping



Impulsive, instinctive, involuntary, automatic.

These adjectives mean acting, reacting, or happening without apparent forethought or prompting.

Spontaneous applies to what arises naturally rather than resulting from external constraint or stimulus:

That’s me 🙂 and that’s what “Spontaneous Writings” is all about !!