Monthly Archives: March 2013

is it spring or not?

I’m so tired of the fuk….

freaking snow,

then sun,

then rain,

back to snow.

Get it over with already !!!!


March, 2013, fifteenth

slowly but surely spring is on its way. I believe that we won’t have anymore snow but others think that it will show it’s face one more time.

For me, I don’t care what it does. I’m a native of ohio and I am use to it. What come this way, bring it on!!

Lately I haven’t had to much to write on this one because I have been writing on the other blogs that I have started. One thing for sure I do like my background picture on this one because it always take me to a happy place when I look at it.

The background was taken in Aruba. Memories, sweet, sweet memories.