Valentine who, Valentine what?

Today is the day that society calls ” Valentine’s Day”.

a day that society runs around looking for the best price on roses, or that box of heart-shaped chocolate.

The day that hall-mark cards get rich on because he has to find that perfect card that says, I love you!!.


What about that 2.5/3.0 karet diamond that he gave to you as an engagement ring or wedding band?

What about the food that is in your frig. or on the shelves so that you can eat everyday?

What about the mortgage that he pays for you to live in that house 365  days a year?

What about the security system that is on the house to protect you and your family from harm?

What about the things that we do everyday to show how much we care?


So tell me why do society….

(mainly women) make a big fuss if on valentine’s day they don’t get a rose or a box of chocolate? 

And why do the men always have to go out and spend all their money to show you that they care?


there are 4 different types of spoons,





If you are eating from a silver spoon, then you already have it all.

He’s already showed you that he loves you.

You say Happy Valentine’s Day, I say fuk Valentine he never did a thing for me.

I’m happy having a candle lite dinner with the food and wine that I already have and sitting on the couch watching the NBA’ on HD 10tv.

And the best thing about it, is that I never have to say those three words or spend extra money.

I already know that he cares, he shows it everyday.

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