flu bug..

Good afternoon WordPress.

I was expecting to wakeup

feeling bad again,

but I feel pretty decent.

I say about 85%.

I am able to get up

and move around

a little bit more.


I have been hydrating myself 

with plenty of water.

Drinking hot tea with lemon & honey

and since the air is more dry in the winter,

I have had the humidifier on.

It seems to be working.


The old man is trying to be nice to me.

He even had the nerve to ask me to sleep

in the master bedroom,

but I told him that’s

not going to happen.

When you’re trying to break up or

separate from someone, 

you don’t give up the pu-nanny.


In the short amount of time that

I have been sitting here in front

of my laptop,

I’m starting to feel like 80%

so I better go make me a hot toddy.

That should make me feel better.


Enough about me

and my sickness.


“Have a good day”.


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