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missing in action

Yes, I know.

I have been missing in action here at WordPress.

In the up and coming months I shall return back to blogging. Even though I have not been writing much, I have been reading the blogs of the people who I am following and all I can say to them is keep up the good work.

Until then, Peace.

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I really have not been in the mood to write any blogs lately. Since the new year has come in I have been occupied with life.

When the time is right I will be returning to wordpress to resume blogging.

For all of you that have been following me, thank you so much. you understand that I don’t have to be a writer or a journalist in order for  you   to listen to what I have to say.

Thank you !

lights out..

it’s getting late WordPress. it’s slightly past my bedtime I do have a lot to do in the morning. I have to shower and get pretty for bed even if no one sees me.

It’s time to turn the heat down, get under the covers and turn off the lights. The candle is already lit.

Good night all,

and don’t let the bedbugs bite. I pray that you don’t have any.


Let me tell you about a dream that I had.

In my dream yesterday, I was in this room with my mate. We were talking about something, I don’t remember what it was because it’s a dream. Anyway we began to walk up the walkway and ended up outside.

As we looked to the right of us, there was a mass of water rushing toward us. I can remember how dirty this water was and how fast it was coming. we were beginning to get swept away but I managed to swim to a ledge and hold on to it. he did the same.

We was able to get to safety, when another rush or water came at us even harder than before.

I could no longer see my mate, I could only hear him let out a cry. As I looked ahead the ledge was now gone with nothing to hold onto. I recall going under then back up and the fact that I knew it was a dream, I woke myself up only to find out that I was still in a dream.


I was dreaming, of myself dreaming that I was about to drown in some dirty, muddy water that came from out of no where. I don’t recall us being near a lake or a river. for some odd reason the water just showed up with the purpose of drowning us.

To me this was a premonition of what was about to happen when I woke up to face reality.

I was sent some information that I was not expecting and when he got home, the shit hit the fan.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

living in a world of silence

All my life I have been a sociable person. For some odd reason, I have been in a relationship with someone who is not social at all.

When we are at home, there is no conversation between the two of us except for when he first come home from work. The rest of the time he is in the bed sleeping leaving me alone in our own home.

Soooooooooooooooo, I really have no choice, I always get up and  leave the house. I normally don’t return until midnight or a half hour before he goes back to work.

I am not a fan of the television and I don’t want to sit in front of the laptop all day.  If I should stay at home, the whole entire time he’s tossing and turning with no sign of waking up.

I can leave the house 100 times, come back and he still won’t know that I left the house. When this happens, I hop in the shower, I get dressed and I go out amongst friends to have a good conversation.

I like to hear people voices and opinions about things in life. Not a bunch of snoring.
I like to laugh and dance and sometimes debate.

I truly believe that a mind is a terrible thing to waste and I need to keep mine active.

Like today, he’s been home since 11am and he’s still in bed.

Me….. bored to death with no one to talk to. So here I am blogging. I know you are probably thinking; why don’t she find something to do?

There is nothing to do everything is done. Yesterday I promised myself that I would not jump up and leave the house if he does not get up. I plan on seeing if I can sit in this world of silence without going crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a jabber jaw, I just like decent intelligent conversations with an adult from time to time.

I happen to reside where the word conversation does not exist.


I can’t wait until the end of the summer so that I can tell you all about it.

It has been a very good summer indeed and very exciting.

Twelve days

For the last twelve days I have had guest in the house. A mother and 5 children. Between the ages of 8 months and 9 years. I call myself trying to help others out whenever I can. So this time I was kind enough to say yes, I will help.

Well, as of today I have given her until this weekend to get with her associates so that they can move on.

I have no children and the noise and commotion from them is out of this world. 3 weeks is long enough it’s time for them to go. If there was some kind of discipline it would be ok but no discipline in this case, so they have to go.

I work to hard for the things in my home and plan on keeping it all.

I tried but it didn’t work.

good afternoon wordpress

hello WordPress,

I realize that I have less than a handful of people who read what I blog. If you are one of them thanks.

I’ve been gone for several days because I had to have foot surgery.

My son was nice enough to be my support and I appreciate him for that. He deserves a big bear huge.

I have never used  crutches before and when this is all over I hope I will never have to use them again because they are a pain in the ass.

My armpits are getting sore, and the palm of my hands are becoming sore as well. I have been placing all my weight on one leg, so yes this is very uncomfortable for me.

And I have 5 more months to go.


It’s 6am in the morning and I’m up listening to the birds sing when I should be in bed.

Thanks for the hits….

I have not been on-line blogging lately because I have influenza.

and I don’t believe that if you take the flu shot that you will not catch the flu, you can still catch it.


So, every now and then I do look to see if I have more hits.

And to my surprise… a few people have been hitting me up.

I’m sure that they are not all from WordPress, but for those of you that are on WordPress and you have hit me a few times.


Those that are not from wordpress…I’m glad that you found me and I hope that you keep coming back.


I will be replying to comments later.