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The weirdest thing just happened to me….

I was on my Facebook page, when all of a sudden, all these ads start popping up on my page.

None stop.

On the right sidebar, on the left sidebar, in the footer and throughout the page.

Thinking that someone had went phishing on my FB page, I changed my password and everything else I could think of.

Even after doing the password change, the ads still continued to show.

Then I remembered yesterday when I was uninstalling some unnecessary downloads, I notice that there was one that I did not recognize.

It was call..”FACETHEME”. Yes, Facebook had without my permission downloaded this onto my computer.

Facetheme allows you to put a theme behind your Facebook page.

I figure that this download that I did not put there had prompted all the ads because Facebook is based on ads as well as finding family and friends.


after remembering that, I went back to my Facebook page and the ads were still all over the place. I mean they were intimidating and I let no one intimidate me.

I clicked on an ad, AT&T.

At the bottom of it, it had stated that it got into my cookies and saw some of the places that I go when I am on the web (obviously at&t was one of them) I said to myself, “those fukin cookies”.

Then I went back into my control panel and relocated the download that Facebook put on my computer without my permission and removed it. Now in the past 25 minutes there have been no ads showing up.

You know…… malicious software can be downloaded onto your computer without you knowing it thus infecting your computer.

So Facebook can do it too.

I didn’t even know that you can put a theme behind your Facebook page. I mean, ASK ME FIRST!!!!.

“I just looked and there are still no ads since I uninstalled the facetheme from my computer.”

This should not be allowed to happen. You should always ask permission!!!