For the last several years I have lived in downtown Columbus. As of last october, I moved into the city.

When you live downtown you don’t get the chance to sit back and relax in the summer time like you can do living further in town because there are no yards.

Downtown is strictly buildings with lots of people walking around. If you want to get the feel of summer, you have to go to a relative or friend house in the city.

The other day I was bored, so I called my buddy Rod and told him that I need to get out the house and go have a beer. As you should know by now I have one foot the other one is recovering from surgery.

Rod lives up the street from me so he jumped in his ride and picked me up because I could not drive.

When we pulled up there were lots of people  and they were playing ” Bones’.

Just in case you are not familiar, “Domino’s”.

There were a few domino tables set up underneath the tree’s in front of his house.

As I approached the yard, everyone was laughing, talking and drinking old Milwaukee Ice just having a good time. You know how black folk do it.

As I looked around, this old guy pulled out a few blunts and started passing them around.

I said to myself..”damn!”, this is like a parliament funkadelic concert.

When the blunt got to me I passed it on to someone else, but I did take the beer that I was offered. That was the reason that I told him to pick me up.

After watching for a half hour, the mosquito’s began to bite. That was not good at all.

He was having a domino party underneath the tree’s with no citronella candles. What kind of shit is that!!

Since we were in a pretty decent neighborhood, every now and then a few ladies would walk up the street and the boys would stop playing and girl watch for a split second and then go back to the bones.

I always have my camera so I volunteered to take pictures just in case they wanted to post them on Facebook.

Over all it was a beautiful day. Everyone was chill’in and having a good time. I got my beer and was able to meet a few new people.

I haven’t enjoyed a summer day like that in a long time.


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