Park Inn

Today I had to travel to Toledo for some job training. 

 I went to CMH to pick up the car that I had selected  and  when I got there  it wasn’t there so I had to settle for another type . I end up getting an Altima because I thought about the gas prices. I started on a full tank and After driving 2.5 hours, I only used a quarter tank.

Any how, when I arrived here the guys at the front desk were pretty nice. They gave me the keys to my room which was on the 15th floor.  I got to the 15th floor walked down the hall and to my room, just to open the door and the room was not clean. I called the front desk and told the guys that my first impression was to give this hotel an A because of the service that I received when I got here. But now I have to give you a B because the room is not clean.
The guy at the front desk said OMG, are you serious?

“Yes, I am”.

He hung up the phone and was up the elevator in no time. He then proceeded to check on other rooms and found out that none of the rooms on that floor was clean, or shall I say that they were all half done.

At any rate they moved me to another floor that was much larger than the first unclean room, offered me free dinner and breakfast and paid for my underground parking. You have to pay to park in this hotel. I guess because it is downtown.

I liked the fact that they tried to make-up for the mistake of housekeeping and they apologized  over and over. 

 I told the front desk guy ” hey, you don’t have to keep apologizing , I’m not that hard to please. not today anyway.

Over all it was a good visit . If I had to I’d  come back.


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