Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there and all the fathers that are acting as both mother and father.

My mother’s day was shot this morning around 7:45am when my hubby woke up because he had to go finish a carpet job that he started yesterday.. He walked into the livingroom and stood in front of the floor model television with his head hanging down. When I got out of bed and walked up the hallway stopping at the edge of the livingroom and getting ready to say good-morning to him, this is how he was standing. Any way, he turned to me and lashed out at me saying,

” WHAT?, why you standing there looking at me?.

I stood there for a minute, took a deep breath and went counter clock-wise. I didn’t understand why he lashed out like that. Now I have made the choice to spend the rest of the day without him.

I’m sure that I can make the remaining of this day better for myself.

 After all it’s only mother’s day.
No one ever said that it was going

to be a perfect day for me.



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