thoughts for the day:

Good-morning, Good-morning,
Another Monday, another dollar.

I had to get up early this morning because I had some business to take care of.  Now it’s 10:32 am and I’m back home already.
Today should be interesting when larry comes home because I don’t know if he will be in a good or bad mood when he gets here. His attitude changes me for a split second, then I have to get myself back on track …..Wu sa…..wu saaa. (take a few deep breaths and exhale) Put yourself back in the optimist category I tell myself.

This morning the sheriff has stopped someone driving through our housing division,

with the result of having to tow the vehicle away.  The tow truck is gone, the sheriff is gone, leaving these two people just standing on the sidewalk wondering what to do next.

The car can’t be stolen. If it was he would have taken them with him.  So it must be no licence or no insurance. Why didn’t he give them a ride away from here?

Mr. Scrooge has arrived and he didn’t speak so he must be in a bad mood. Good thing this house has an extra living quarters in the basement.
I think I better cut this blog short and leave the house for a couple of hours and go turkey shopping. Thanksgiving is a hop, skip and a jump away.


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