it’s cloudy, with a 40% chance of precipitation

Yesterday, the first part of my morning was not so good.  My mate and I debated with each other which was a waste of time because the situation was not solved.

By 4pm I left the house and didn’t return home until 2am this morning.

Today……… its gloomy here in Ohio with no debating and a 40% chance of precipitation. But I won’t let that bother me the sun is out there somewhere.

You know, for the first time I noticed that the year coming is 2012. It amazes me to be able to see those numbers. Who would have thunk it. Who would have thunk that while growing up I would see the year 2011. I can recall them saying that the world was going to end in 1976.

I guess not because here I am.( I believe that the precipitation has dropped down to 30% now)

I don’t think that none of us will ever see the world come to an end.  I believe that it comes to an end when you pass away. and that’s all I have to say about that.

It looks as if it’s not going to rain so I better get out and enjoy the rest of the day.

” have a good evening WordPress “


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