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Ole Bob

for the last few days I have stopped in a few drinking spots to have a glass of wine. Each and every time I step in…. there is Ole Bob. He sits on the corner drinking a scotch and a Stroh’s. I speak to him, pull out the bar stool,  sit down and before you know it ole bob is asking me if I want to burn one.

Well, I finally burnt one with ole bob and it was fire.

I saw him yesterday at the same spot, sitting in the same chair with his scotch and Stroh’s. He says to me again, “let’s go burn one” I said Bob,  I can’t burn one with you anymore. its way to powerful. How about buying a nice lady such as myself a glass of wine instead.

He looks at me and says, “Never mind” I ask you to burn one not buy you a drink.

So I took out my credit card and brought myself a glass of wine.

He just sat there staring at the side of my face.


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