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your mind’s eye

I notice that the people of WordPress are freaks when it comes to photography.

A real photographer realize that their eyes are not normal eyes.

When you look at something, in your mind’s eye, you see art. 

Everything that you look at is a photo opportunity.

That’s how I see it. What about you?

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My iphone

Sometimes you just need to get out and enjoy the fresh, crisp, cold air that winter has to offer.

So this morning at 10:30am I left the house heading for the park..

It was time to clear my mind, so I walked around the park. I would say a good 3 miles. My total time there was about 3 hours. 

And No!, it did n’t take me three hours to do 3 miles. The combination of the walk and taking pictures took that much time.

 I left my Nikon cool pix 35mm at home so I used my iPhone to capture these photos.


winter photos

I captured these photos last December.

One winter morning I woke up early. I pulled the blinds open and to my surprise..

there was snow every where. The only thing I could think about was how beautiful it was and  the fact that I had the opportunity to capture the park before anyone else got there.When I arrived there no one had really walked in the park. it was fresh snow. No foot prints.

I did notice another photographer taking photos as well.

I found my way on the other side of the park where I had found these logs stacked on top of each other.


This bridge has been in Franklin park since I was in middle school. I believe I have captured it well.

Bridge over troubled waters.

I like the colours in this pictures.

below is a few more that I took…..