The good, the bad and the ugly

How can such a beautiful woman, be hurt so much by such an ugly man.

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Take a deep breath…..

breathe in, breathe out,

breath in, breath out!!

Now inhale_ (hold…..hold….)

then, exhale x3.

just let your body go!!!


I really have not been in the mood to write any blogs lately. Since the new year has come in I have been occupied with life.

When the time is right I will be returning to wordpress to resume blogging.

For all of you that have been following me, thank you so much. you understand that I don’t have to be a writer or a journalist in order for  you   to listen to what I have to say.

Thank you !

no mistletoe this year.

while everyone else is excited about christmas 

and putting up decorations, I am not. I just happen to be in that boat where I made a request for a divorce

 so christmas won’t be the same this year. There will be no exchanges.

Now, I will still go shopping for my grandkids.

Their gifts will be wrapped but they won’t be

 underneath the tree because I am not putting one up.

I don’t think that it will matter to them anyway all they

want are the gifts and the video games because they don’t

play with toys anymore. I thank the mom and dad for that.

They tend to be smarter than most kids that I know therefore

toys bore them.

I’m not really sure if they believe in christmas because of the


All they pay attention to is the time of the year and

recognize that when the christmas lights are up… it’s gift time.


For anyone that is in the same boat that I am in, hang in there

it’s going to get better if you don’t drag it out.

 And never think that you can’t make it without them

 because you can.

I was top-notch when I met him and will be top-notch after the


If you don’t fit in that top-notch category, then you still can do it

without that person.



lights out..

it’s getting late WordPress. it’s slightly past my bedtime I do have a lot to do in the morning. I have to shower and get pretty for bed even if no one sees me.

It’s time to turn the heat down, get under the covers and turn off the lights. The candle is already lit.

Good night all,

and don’t let the bedbugs bite. I pray that you don’t have any.

What’s the best way to cure a cold?

This post is based on a suggestion from WordPress.

My response to the above question is…. You can’t cure a cold. duhhhh!   And if you have a longer paragraph than this one then you made something up.

There is no cure.

In walks December.

we have just entered into the month of december.  This means the end of the year.  Time is moving by so fast that I now remember from december to december.  The summer is no longer the focus of the year. For me, December is the focus.

she walks in with her cool breeze and fresh air.

Shes bring with her the rain and the snow. (like a quiet storm)

And sometimes….Hopelessness!

This is the month of…..”Prepare and Beware”.

I shouldn’t have to explain that one to you because it’s self-explanatory.

This is also my birth month. Oh happy, happy joy!!

December is….. Religion to the first, second and third degree.

sharing and giving,

ice and sleet,

and sometimes kindness.

sadness and dispar.


She brings to you…. LIFE!!

we are the champions!!!


The reason for all caps is because I am a Wolverine!.  After the game, my damies and I crashed every bar that we drove by and took a pic with any wolverine that was in the house.

Now I am working on recovering. I should be back @ 100% tomorrow.


Black Friday

Today is Friday.

The day that all the greedy fools go running to the store kicking and stepping on another greedy fools feet just to get a sale price that will probably be there on Sunday.

When you go and tent in front of a store in the freezing cold just to be shoved on and disrespected, that’s insane. It takes a certain type of person to want to do this.

When you go and find out that once you get to that certain area, the item that you are looking for is not even there now because you where the fool with the tent in the cold, the second one in the door, and you fell on the floor. Now everyone is walking all over you and think that you are the carpet.

This is my question:

Because of the violence, is this the reason that it is called ”  BLACK ” ?


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Thanksgiving = sharing

This Thanksgiving I like to give thanks for being able to be alive to cook another magnificent meal.  And before I go any further,  a quick prayer for those that are not here with us or those who did not make it to see this day.

On this thanksgiving day I would also like to say another prayer for those that are less fortunate than all of us that write on WordPress.

I hope that everyone from rich to poor to homeless is eating some sort of meal today. And even if you forget to say a prayer before you eat, it’s o.k he understands.

Some people find the holidays hard because of lost loved ones. The solution to that is: say a little prayer and add them to it, you should be heard and they…. not forgotten.

Today is a day for sharing, giving, blessings and thankfulness. Try to make all 365 that way.