In walks December.

we have just entered into the month of december.  This means the end of the year.  Time is moving by so fast that I now remember from december to december.  The summer is no longer the focus of the year. For me, December is the focus.

she walks in with her cool breeze and fresh air.

Shes bring with her the rain and the snow. (like a quiet storm)

And sometimes….Hopelessness!

This is the month of…..”Prepare and Beware”.

I shouldn’t have to explain that one to you because it’s self-explanatory.

This is also my birth month. Oh happy, happy joy!!

December is….. Religion to the first, second and third degree.

sharing and giving,

ice and sleet,

and sometimes kindness.

sadness and dispar.


She brings to you…. LIFE!!


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