Summer 2011 (1)

As we all know that it is approaching the end of the summer. This post is all about what I have experienced this summer.

I was trying to debate rather or not I shall tell you part of it or everything that happened.

First let me state that where I spent my summer at was not in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is quiet.

This was in neighborhood that is in the back of very decent houses. As a matter of fact, these are apartments and one-half doubles.

( like I said in the back)

These apartments were connected to each other. One row, tw0 families.
There was a back door that connected the two which lead down into a basement, one on each side. You can also open the back door and walk into the other families back door. So they always had both doors open to communicate with one another.

In one circle there were four families. My new Akron Ohio friends and a
mixed couple, family of four. Across the way was a family of 6. and in front of them was a family of three.

Any how, my summer started out when I met the people from Akron Ohio that lived in these apartments and half doubles. We began hanging out at a few gathering spots having a good time and all. Then I was invited to a BBQ that my new associates invited me to.

At this BBQ, they were playing domino’s and spades just having a jolly good ole time.

The deal was if you come you have to bring something.  It could be meat, bread, brats, beer, wine, liquor just bring something.

Now, back to the dominoes.

For years I have watched it being played and told myself that one day I would get someone to teach me the ropes. I never thought about it again.

So here it is many, many years later dominoes have resurfaced. I decided that this is where I will finally learn how to play dominoes.  So after the BBQ I began going down to these people’s house to sit and watch what the game was all about.

Each and every day that I went I met more and more folks.

Then I got up the nerves to play one on one with one of the players that I thought to be the best at the game.

One day I went down to watch dominoes and noticed something that I had not seen in a very long time. The kids was outside jumping double dutch rope.

And as always there is always a boy turning rope for the girls. I never saw him jump but I’m sure that will come later and nine times out of ten he will end up living  an alternative lifestyle.

About 20 feet away some kids were playing  curb ball. As I watched they would throw the ball over the cars and if it hit the curb you score more points. I did not know that because I never played curb ball.

One time that I went down to watch and play dominoes, I met this lady named Chris. She was always there because she lived in the next circle. In about 7 or 8 feet you can touch the back of her apartment. She was used for a number of things. She provided ice for them and she was a pretty good roller if you know what I mean.

One day Chris’ daughter rushed up to the domino table huffing and puffing asking her mom if she can get into the house so that she can get some sweat pants.  She said some girl was trying to fight her and she needed to change clothes to fight her back.

To make a long story a little bit shorter,  The young lady decided to go down the way to fight with Chris tagging along.  This is when I met Ms. Jackie. She lived in the domino circle. She walked passed me and stood on the edge of the curb with both hands on her hips looking down the street. She introduced herself and asked me what was going on? I told her that a few kids are fighting, why I did not know.

By this time there were people running around everywhere in the vicinity of the fight. Ms. Jackie turned to look at me and said when  they get closer to Elaine Rd some is going to happen.

I said, ” like what?”. about 2 minutes or less after she said that, there were gun shots. I have to say 6 shots to be exact. I turned to look at her and ask her how did she know. She said it is no different in any other hood in any other state. It always happen.

With that being said, that was my cue to exit the area.

to be continued…………..


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