when a good morning goes sour

I went from being happy to upset in a matter of 15 seconds this morning thanks to the ole mate. But then an old friend from the past messaged me from Facebook that made me forget all about the ole mate of mine.

I have beem knowing MLW for the same amount of time that I’ve been knowing the mate and that is around 8 years.


MLW and I can talk about almost anything, so he ask me how was my relationship holding up?

I had to tell him not so good, we talked about getting a separation (or shall I say…I requested one) because it doesn’t seem to be going to well between us.

My day started out very lovely this morning and then when he got home it went half way down the drain. I hate it when he brings his attitude from work home to me.

I greet you with love and a clean house and you bring to me nothing but bull shit. So instead of allowing his tude to bring me down, I backed up instead of allowing the shit to hit the fan.

This kind if thing upsets me and trust me it’s not the first time that it has happened and I believe that it won’t be the last is what I told MLW.

My friend from facebook suggested that all I need is some space from the ole mate of mine. Anything else will cost me time and money.

I agree, but which one of us is to leave the house?

Surely not moi.


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