two’s company….5s a crowd

Yesterday was a very piss poor day for me. My daughter had training for a new job and I sit with the kids for 4 hours.

The three older kids were not a problem, it was the 2 and 6 month that gave me a freakin headache.

They cried most of the time that I had them.

Jr cried so much that I just let him cry until he fell asleep. Amiya is just spoiled and she was mainly fake crying for attention. And when they cry it is not a cry they are basically screaming.

Then they were asking for food every hour of the day as if I was a grocery store or something.

I had just brought a case of water with 32 bottles, now there are none.

As a GM, I had to explain to them that we don’t eat 24 hours a day, but we will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a small snack in between.

I raised 3 kids of my own. My first child was born in 1981 when raising kids to me was easier.

Now days it’s much harder because time has changed and people has changed.

How can you raise 5 children in this age and time without a struggle? It’s a hard job but I guess it can be done.

Day 2:

Second day of training for my daughter, this time she is there from 10 to 2pm.

I told her that 5 kids is for 2 people, so she has taken 3 of them to my mother’s home and I have 2 (this is much better)

In this case mother will only have to watch over the baby because the boys can watch themselves.

I have the baby girl and Josh who is 5, this is much, much better for me to handle and I don’t have to make any bottles.

As I look around the house…..

I feel much better now because three of the kids are gone making it possible for me to get a small amount of peace and less dishes to wash.


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