Daily Archives: 2011/07/09

summer,summer,summer time…let’s just sit back and unwind.

One thing that I can tell you about this summer is that it has been too beautiful to be in the house blogging.

My summer so far has been spent entertaining family and associates.

So far I have had 3 parties here at the house because I am such a good hostess.

I’ve been in the garden. Both veggie and flower. I’ve attended a few old neighborhood reunions and helped a friend with a car wash to raise money to get cheerleader uniforms for a few youngins whose families can’t afford  them.

The summer has been pretty great so far and as far as I’m concerned there is 2.5 more months to go.

If I have not been posting it’s because of the summer. But trust me I am looking at others.  I may not be commenting but I see you.