I have created another blog here on WordPress that is based on the dreams that I have from day-to-day.

It is private because I am trying to understand what my dreams reveal or what my dreams are telling me. I haven’t been able to log each and every dream because there are times when I don’t recall my dream from the previous night.

I went to Walgreen and purchased a notepad so that I can log my dreams down as soon as possible even if it means that I completely wake up to write it down.

Since I have had my foot surgery, I have nothing but time on my hands thus allowing WordPress to occupy most of my time.

I realize that I should not be allowing this to happen because out of the 7 months that I have been on WordPress, I have not seen or noticed not one person such as myself being freshly pressed.

But I won’t let that bother me because I’m using this as a form of therapy.

Until next time.


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