my opinion…

I was watching the beginning of ” The Talk” today.

They was talking about, and showed a photo of a family going through the airport scanner.

The one talk show host Sara Gilbert was pissed off because the security at this airport had to check the child and some off the wall statement about some of them possibly being molesters.

what I saw of it, the security was only holding the baby but obviously they had to do their job.

There is a difference between child molestation and security doing their job for the safety of the american people. I would think that everyone in that type of position should have had a background check

My problem with Sara is that she needs to face reality.

There are people in other countries that will die for their country. They believe that if they commit suicide during war that they will  meet their maker.

Most americans will hit a human being with a car and not give a damn and will have a shit fit if  you hit a dog.

And some americans believe that if they are vegetarians they are right and everyone else is wrong.

The mindset of americans are so sensitive to dogs and children(should be for children) that checking a child or dog would be the last thing that americans would do at an airport.

U.S just killed Osama bin Laden.

Security should be on high alert.

Just because you see a family with a child don’t mean that security should not check the children as well.

Those people will strap a bomb on their child just like they would put a bomb on themselves step into that airplane and blow it the fuk up.

The moment that you put your guard down the moment the plane goes boom.

So as pissed off as she was because the airline security checked the baby/child, then she just has to be pissed off.

 It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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