I released some pressure that I needed to release before it exploded.

Have you ever seen the top of a pressure cooker when it’s real hot and steaming? That little gadget at the top of a ole skool cooker is rattling because all of the pressure that is inside….

That’s been me! that’s how I have been feeling about this relationship.

So, I released and I let go!!

I’m feeling relaxed for now.

(changing the subject for a moment…)

Has anyone noticed that it is March already. A third of the year has already been used up. Have you conquered any of your resolutions?, or acheived any goals?

You better hurry up, this year will be over soon. Put a move on it!!

And what about all of these disasters happening? Every since hurricane katrina hit, it’s been one after the other. Maybe it’ll stop for a while after Japan.

(I believe I’m thinking to much)


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