Friend’s…how many of us have them?

It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging. Much have been happening in my life since I’ve last presented myself. In fact the last time I was here I was sick.

I am back to my old self again. Not saying that I am old, just a figure of speech.

When you get the chance take a moment to say a  little prayer for the people in japan they need it.

Over the weekend I meet a new friend. No, not a male a female. She’s an attractive person, smart, independent and strong. She sort of remind me of myself.

We all hung out and had massive fun. I met her brother’s soon to be ex-wife. Very nice female also. Every now and then they would run outside for a few minutes. I suppose they were outside smoking a joint or two. Neisse and I stayed inside and talked until they returned. She asked me if she could have my phone number.

I’m not sure what that meant because I never had a woman ask for my phone number before. Don’t worry I can handle myself. A possibility of her being gay never crossed my mind until she texted me…today.

But I shall not past that judgement upon her. Maybe she is just looking for a good female friend like I am. As we talked, she let me know that she was a single female. No wonder she didn’t present herself with an attitude, no man.

I’ll keep her in mind as a friend and my antenna’s will be up. Until then I believe that I may have myself a new friend.


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