Bleu or Blue ?


Be careful what you wish for…..

 I wished upon a star 3 months ago and that wish has come true.

Should I tell you about it? Noooo! let’s keep it a secret

I went from breathing  the fresh air this morning to ~ feeling bleu.


I ran across a friend last night while I was out at karaoke that made my time away from home worth the trip. He was really fun to be around and he had me laughing most of the night.

 When he pulled out that Jamaican accent it tripped me out because I didn’t see that coming.

(I’ve got a fukin headache that won’t quite)

any how.,

He sent me a text letting me know that he had a good time. I sent him a 😉

Of course when I got home around 1:30am the ole man was at work. He already knew that I would not be back until he left.

Have you ever heard of that saying,” if you can’t beat em, join em”?

Well, I’m about to play that same little game that the ole man is playing.

And the fact that I am a woman…

I will be able to play this game well. You see, we don’t think with two heads, just one.


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