You go through trials and tribulations throughout your life, you come across that fork in the road and you face road blocks. You might even have a child or two.

But what happens when your children are all grown, you decide to get a  knife to go with that fork that you found in the road and the road blocks, you either went around them or crashed right through them.

Now it’s only you. The first question that you ask yourself is ; Are you happy? and if you are not what do you do to make yourself that way?

Are you financially secure enough to create your own happiness?

You are at a point where you have made lots of mistakes. Do you keep making those same mistakes or have you learned from those mistakes?

How do you find your happiness?

Do you even know what happiness is?

Is it to be able to come and go as you please?

Laugh whenever you want to laugh and cry whenever you feel like crying.

I believe that happiness will come whenever you have learned how to “APPRECIATE” things.

When you start understanding more things and throw away the selfishness.

This may sound corny, but when you have the time to stop…..

and smell the roses, you may be on the road to happiness.

When you stop bitching and complaining about everything, you may be on the road to happiness.

Once you have climbed all the mountains and traveled all the roads, turn around and look back for a few minutes to see how far you have traveled. Then turn back around and look ahead.

Your happiness might be right around the bend.



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