birthday shout – out….

This birthday shout is going out to my mother and father who has reached the ripe age of 75.

(father~1/25 & mother~ 1/15)

Born in 1936, 10 days apart and together since the age of 19.

Despite the strokes and the congested heart failure between the two of them, they are still alive a well.  

A couple of years ago my mom had actually passed for a few minutes while in the hospital.

Yes, she code blued on us.

 Later that evening when we were talking to the Doc about it she had no idea that it had happened an seemed to be pissed off at us because we did not tell her that she died for a few minutes. all she kept asking was, ” why is my chest so painful in these two spots? “.

Dad he had three strokes. Trust me it is unbelievable that he is still alive and walking. He’s now able to talk to us or shall I say we can understand him 85% now. that’s a blessing.

So, here’s to mom and dad.


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