Calgon….take me away !!

I just want to pack my bags, and fly far,far away. To a place where everyone is happy

and no one has a care in the world

because they left all their cares behind.

I just want to wake up and watch the sunrise while sipping on a cold glass of orange juice.

I then want to walk along the beach in my bare feet so that the white sands can cling to my toes.
A place that no matter where you walk people greet you with a smile or a hello.

Right at this very moment, it would be a good time for “Calgon to take me away”!!

If I could run away for a week without causing any problems I would do so fast and in a hurry.

I need to get away from the stress that I am recently endoring. It’s beginning to tear me appart.

I just  recently returned from Aruba in October. I need to get away again.

This photo is where I want to go and where I want to be.

This is Jamaica!!

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