I can’t take it anymore!!

Yesterday I tried my best to stay in the house with the ole man.

After walking pass the master bedroom three times and watching him sleep, I could not take it any longer.

I sat there for three hours and I got nothing.

no conversation… nothing

Soooo, I grabbed my coat and out the door I went, bad weather or not.

I left at 4:30pm while he was sleeping. At 7:45pm I assume he woke up because he called.

I did tell him that I would finish the wine I was sipping on then I would be on my way back to the house. Well half way through the wine

I said , “fuk it,”

I’m not going back to the house just to watch him sleep again. So I decided to stay out longer. In fact I went someplace else so that I wouldn’t have to go back home.

I sometime look at other people’s blogs on this site and it appears that everyone is so perfect here.

“No problems”.

The nerves of me blogging about my fuked up relationship.

Do I have other stuff to talk about? Yes, but I want to talk about this for now.  I believe that blogging this stuff will help me in a long run and it will help me with my decision in the future.

Reese Rees


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