Day 2

Another day and a few more dollars.


yes, i returned to work today, vacation is over.

I came home to an empty house that felt very good because when I come home from work I need peace and quite. Once again when he got home there was no conversation as alway.

Sometime we will discuss what dinner will be, but I have decided that we will take care of our own dinner at this point.

Before I moved here my life was full of energy. Now I find myself sitting around  watching tv.   I never did that when I lived in my condo.

Don’t get me wrong; I still have plenty of energy but he makes me feel a little old.

Sometimes I go out to socialize with other people since he don’t talk.

So,when I  look into the bedroom where he sleeps, he is lying on his right side. When I come back 4 to 6 hours later he is in the same spot but on his left side.


He has no idea that I have left out of the house. If he decides to talk I will tell him that I left the house, but if we don’t converse… 

I won’t tell him a thing.

So ,one of my 2011 goals is to change this sitting around looking at tv.

I plan on doing exactly what I use to do before I moved in here.

As quite as it’s kept, I am having a realtor look into a few houses for me. One day he will be come home and I will be here and one day he will come home and all my stuff will be gone. All the furniture in this house belongs to me.

Have you ever felt that the person that you are with is bringing you down?

He isn’t bringing me down but, I have been

less active than normal since I have been with him.

Here in 2011 I will be going back to

the old me.

I can’t wait.


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