this year I have decided to blog a day-to-day journal of what is going down in my life. Or at least until I depart from this place.
He knows that I will be leaving but he just don’t know when.


Day one:
Well today has been just as slow as yesterday. Yesterday to me felt like a sunday and today feels like a sunday also.

I have been watching football and listening to video’s on YouTube.
In 2010 I have had many conversations with him about his failure to communicate. All he does is sleep and watch cowboys.
I suppose we really don’t have very much to talk about because we have nothing in common.

so here I am on WordPress typing. A few times while typing I have walked in the family room to say a word or two. he answers with a few words and then continue to switch from amc and the games.
If I get dressed to go out he will try to start a conversation with me but it will be too late then.

I will just tell him sorry Charlie I’ll get some conversation while I’m out.

I no longer have the time to try and figure out what it is that you want.

In august time is up.




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