Post Christmas

Christmas came in and out with a bang.

At 1:45 my daughter had my new grand baby at home on the couch christmas morning.

at 8:00 am the rest of the kids came over, every one was ready to open up their gifts but I told them that no one eats until after breakfast.

So everyone pitched in to cook.

We all set around the tree as Alexis my eldest grand-daughter passed out the gifts. The Temptation CD was playing and christmas movies were playing on all the tv’s in the house.

  On the projection tv I had this 42 game console that is similar to WII that cost me $11.00 dollars. Everyone was trying to play it but there was only two controllers.

Alexis received an iPod and was trying to download music from limewire and was having a hard time doing so because they are under court order.

The other kids were in the guest bedroom jumping up and down on the bed, I had to get into their ass’ for a minute and then they settled down.

I got my parents a 32 inch hdtv. So we all jumped into our cars and took them their gifts.

This would be their first modern television in the 74 years they’ve been on this planet.

so mother has another first to write in her book along with the first black president.

she said to me,” I would have never believed it”, being that I was  born in the deep south,(Mississippi)

a Black President!!

There is a God and the reason for this season.

Over all the whole day went great.

The house was filled with joy and family everywhere.

It was a very blessed day!!



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