Most people talk about setting new year resolutions…

what you really need to do is set goals.

1)my first goal is to relieve myself of this relationship. it is making me tired and wearing me out. it’s beginning to have no meaning.

2)my next goal is to fix my credit from good to great.

3)my third is to purchase a home since it appears to be easier to get one at this time.

~finding a good man will be put on hold. besides that will take some time. once i get out of this relationship, i will remain single for a while.

i am not a man basher and think that all men are alike because they are not.  And i have no plans of running to a female because there is nothing like a dick. finding a good man just have to be put on hold for a while.

4)fourth is making myself happy.

5)fifth is finding a good friend.

a good listener; one that understands what a woman has to go through to survive in this world. sometimes i just want to spill my guts out about shit. instead of someone hearing me…i need feedback.”talk to me”.

and i want this person to be a man.

6)…i need to pray more.

the thing is that i  don’t  call myself a christian because most christian think that they have God in their hearts and at the same time they are racist.

how can you mistreat people who are different from you and still call yourself a christian? you can’t.

God loves all races…anyway i need to pray more.

seventh goal…


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