Just a few words before I turn off the lights…

Good morning everyone,

it’s almost my bedtime.

I have to say that yesterday went very well for me. I hadn’t had a day like that in a long while.

My man, he basically acted as a slave.

He came home and ask me what can he do to help?

I told him to just clean all the bathrooms. scrub the shower doors and sponge clean the floors.

when I walked by the master bath, he was on his hands and knees cleaning the floor. Ahhhh,what a beautiful site,

(I was having flashbacks…yes,that’s me)

The only other thing I had him do was the grocery shopping.

I was able to be alone for an hour in the day light and watch a little Y & R.

There was no debates, no attitude just peace for a change. I wonder what tomorrow will  bring because I live in a house of the unexpected.

I have to chalk one up for a beautiful yesterday ;).


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