This is the time of morning that belongs to me. I’m feeling relaxed and comfortable. No one here to bother me and no one I have to entertain.

I normally stay up until 5am but I think I will turn in earlier this mornning.

I’m going to drink me a can of Mona-Vie, talk to maryjane for a minute and see where the rest of the night leads.


It is now 2:25 am. I’m wide awake now. In one room I am on the laptop, in the other room I have the 50 inch playing The twlight saga “new Moon. ”

I have 30% of the lights on in the house and wondering why I can’t sleep.

It’s as if I live two different lives.

the first life I have to live is from 11am to 11:30pm. Then I have to settle down and get into the relaxing mode from midnight until 5am.

After 5am I sleep until 10am, wake up and get ready for the unexspected.

Yes, it’s so wonderful here 🙂


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