Christmas is nigh

I thought that I could be done shopping by the 1oth,

 instead it will be today….the 15th.

I have one more gift and a few odds and ends to buy.

I found out that Walgreen have great gifts at unbelievable prices.

Deals have good prices on gift boxes and candies.

I haven’t found a store yet with good prices on candles and Loews have the deals on Poinsettia’s.

I’m about to change the subject here…I was trying to find a picture of a black santa and it took me every bit of a half hour to find this one.

in this country are we still acting as if there are no black people?

when I was growing up my mother and father was present. so when santa came on christmas day he was black.

As a kid I never believed that a white santa worked hard at the north pole to deliver the toys that I received on christmas day.

To sum this up…

This is the world wide web folks, so it’s hard for me to believe that when I search for black santa figurines there are very few to none as well as a simple photo.

Very,very disappointing.

any how, I found this one to be as close to black as possible and he is beautiful.


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