It’s my prerogative

first of all let me start off by saying it’s snowing here in Columbus I’m pretty excited. It’s what makes December,december.

Ok I was just looking at a few blogs and I ran across one where this guy name Josh is talking about dating. the first female commented on how she don’t care to her about his date.

first of all no one put a gun up to her head and forced her to read it. I believe that this has been a free country all this time and he or anyone else should be able to blog about whatever they wish to blog about. if she didn’t like it , she should have moved on and never left a comment.

Blogging is about life, it’s about questions, answers,advice and opinions. but if you don’t like what you read….MOVE ON.

There are many people on line and each blog rather it’s yours or mine will appeal to someone.

I found that female to be very petty.

her comment sucked.


to all you bloggers out there keep blogging.

don’t allow anyone to tell you what to blog about.

if you want to blog about a date blog about it ,

It’s your prerogative


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