I have never regreted anything that I have done.

But I have made mistakes. What”s good about that is when you recognize that you’ve made one.

I recently made a mistake that I have recognized , and that is I moved out of my condo downtown and into the house of my boyfriend. He was  somewhat of a nice guy when we lived in seperate houses, but it’s different now……

I can’t believe that I let my guard down. We had a little talk last night about the moodiness and attitude that I have been getting from him for the last 2 months. I am not and will not live my life like this. I told him that when I was living alone I did’nt have to  deal anybodys attitude, so I was happy every single day.  Now, I find myself a bit unhappy and it doesn’t feel so good.

I told him that I don’t want to be his wife, and I will be looking for a house so that I can move out in the spring.

He looked at me, walked away and went into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. This morning he got up and went to his dads to get some advice I guess.

I don’t like mood swings, muliple personalities and arguments. I get migraines.

anyway he has been with his daddy all morning giving me some peace of mind.

I had to write this down to get it off my chest. If he stays gone for about 5 more hours I would be grateful.



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