I can remember my  first love at the age of 24.

I met this gentleman that captured my eyes.  He was 8 years older than I.

Not thinking, being young and adventureous, I went home with him. 


because there was this feeling of trust that I could sense.

I  can clearly remember him taking out his guitar freestyling a song for me.

Romeo, oh Romeo! my heart is melting Romeo!

He melted my heart.

It became late and then he drove me home.

I suppose you are wondering…… did we?

No, like I said he was a gentleman.

That was in the early 80’s.


So, recently  2010, I was looking in my iphone and discovered the white & yellow page app.

I typed in his name and there it was…..H.B

a P.O box number.

Is it him?

I’m temped to drop a line to see if it is him.(i’m curious) 

Many years have passed by since that  day in my life.

and every now and then I think about him. I wonder what he looks like and what kind of man he’s become?

Is he the same? or has life changed him?

I wonder~


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