happy day before thanksgiving

Well here we are a day before thanksgiving.

My day started this morning at 7:30a. Dusting and mopping.You need a clean house to cook. I have put the potatoes on for the potatoes salad and the mixture for my  sage dressing.

Now I am getting all the ingredients out for my first pound cake but realize I have no  7 up.

So I need to step out for a moment to get a bottle of  7 up and a cake holder. Of course this is to put the pound cake in.

Let me take a moment to thank God for allowing me to still be here………………………………….


this has always been an exciting time for me. even though I don’t eat much I love to cook because It pleases me to see a plate go from full to empty.

also the girls alway call me for some sort of advice.

for example :


my oldest will probably hit me up with how to make dressing.

She doesn’t like her mother in-laws dressing.



she is my youngest daughter, she will probably ask advice on the dressing and the sweet potatoes.

other than that she is a great cook. she stayed in the kitchen while growing up watching and learning.

Tonya, she was outside beating up on the boys.

En, my son. He will be at all the houses eating without a doubt.

This day is always a day to remember,especially if you have girls.


Good luck with the preparation of turkey day and don’t burn anything up.


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