It’s been a long time since I prayed.

It was not easy. The thought of having to pray to……

But I did it anyway.

Ask and you shall receive, says the bible.

I talked, I cryed, I asked and then I cried again and again.

In all the years on this earth,

I can remember one time that I did pray and it came to me immediatly. I think it was because of my children that he answered (1987)

Now I am at it again 2010 asking for another prayer to come true. This one don’t involve my kids. It only involves me.  And it is as desperate as the one in 1987

So….how soon will this one be answered if it will be answered at all?

Have it ever crossed your mind that when something bad happenes to you that it is because of some of your wrong doings?

It’s crossed my mind several times.

And I’ve had a lot of wrong doings. I am not perfect.

Any who,

my prayer was very sincere and It came from my heart.

What I have done has been done, but it needs to be retracted.

I only hope that it (my prayer) will be answered and soon.

Maybe I need to do it again before it can be heard. I don’t know, like I said I am not good at this praying stuff.

I am being forced to be someone that I am not and that is a problem for me.

I thrive and prosper by being me.



Social Butterfly.

If I lose this, I lose who I am.

 I need this prayer to come to life.


Like I said it’s not easy to do.

But it is due.


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